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Perguntas frequentes

How long have you been breeding Bernedoodles?

Our first year of breeding the Bernedoodles specifically, is 22'. We have trained various Bernedoodles for clients, and fell in love with their demeanor, making us want to incorporate them into our program with hopes of incorporating puppies into some of our service prospects.

What is your genetic health guarentee?

We have a pretty realistic genetic health guarantee covering FOUR years as long as owners wait a minimum of 16 months to spay or neuter their puppy. This covers genetic diseases that we DNA test for.

What sizes of bernedoodle's do you breed?

We are currently breeding small standards, and minis.

Each breeder has a definition of what goes into those size descriptions, our small standards are 55 pounds to 65 pounds, and 20 to 23 inches at the shoulder, while my minis are 25-40 pounds, and 15-20 inches at the shoulder.

Where can i find information on the waiting list process?

You can find information on our waiting list process on the fees and breedings page, with that an application on the contact page must be filled out, I will be in touch regarding upcoming breedings that we have planned.

How do i submit a deposit?

To place a deposit we must have an application in place, which was approved via email and an application deposit contract will be emailed over to you, and then your deposit will be invoiced. We do not except families that we have not approved to purchase or submit an up deposit.

When must I have my puppy enrolled into preschool if I'm choosing to elect training?

At the time a puppy choosing at seven weeks, you must let me know if you are wanting to enroll your puppy into preschool at the eight week mark. We only hold a specific amount of spots available so we try to have owners let us know as soon as they choose their puppy, that way we can start puppies immediately at eight weeks we understand last minute things may happen and we will try to be flexible if something comes and you need to enroll at 8 weeks.